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Grandfather's car (Then and Now)

One evening in 2006, David Jurca decided to search online for vintage photos of his grandfather Miroslav Jurca's historic BMW racecar. What he came across was beyond his imagination. David found a picture in a forum of the car completely restored at the 1996 Pebble Beach Historic Car Show. What is so amazing about this is that during the Czechoslavakian communist regime, the car was seized and never seen again by the Jurca family. Almost fifty years later, proof was found that the car actually exists. Not only did it exist, but it was now in America. The story gets even better. After calling the Pebble Beach car show, David got in touch with the man who owned the car during that time. He explained that he sold the car to a vintage car collecter in Seattle, WA. Being from Federal Way, WA, David was in disbelief of how the car could have followed his family that escaped from Czech Republic in 1984 and now be within 30 minutes of his home. A few more emails and phone calls got David in touch with the owner of the car, a vintage car collector from Redmond, WA. The following weekend he was there with his family to see it first hand, nearly 50 years after it was last seen.

1957 Grandfather Czech Rep.
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1957 Grandfather Czech Rep.

1955 Grandfather Czech Rep.

1956 Grandfather Czech Rep.

1957 Grandfather Czech Rep.

1957 Grandfather Czech Rep.

2006 David Jurca driving

Front view

David Jurca sitting in car

Inside view

Top view

Interior view