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Winter Training Review

Over the winter, David was very busy preparing for the 2002 season. In the beginning of January, David started practicing in his Formula A kart. Formula A is a 100cc direct drive class and it is one of the premier classes in Europe. He also continued practicing through February and March. Most of his practice sessions were run in the rain, but a few were sunny and dry.

For the first time in a long while, David had the opportunity to go skiing. He bought a season pass to one of the major ski resorts in Washington State and enjoyed some time on the slopes. David believes that skiing is a great way to train for karting. "Other than being a fun and exciting sport," David explains, "Skiing also improves fitness and precision."

As always, David continues to play racquetball as often as possible. David makes a habit of going to the gym about three times a week to play for an hour at a time. When playing racquetball, a person is motivated to try and beat their opponent no matter how tired they are, which in turn improves fitness level. Additionally, racquetball is a fast sport and relies heavily on reaction time and hand-eye coordination. These are talents that a racecar driver must have.