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Stars of Tomorrow National Race/Westwood
Karting Series Round 8: Chilliwack, B.C.

For the weeekend of October 12-13, there would be two different races going on at the same track on the same weekend in Chilliwack, B.C. For the ICC category, Jurca would participate with the Cart Stars of Tomorrrow National Series. In the ICA category, he would run in the Westwood Karting Series and fight for the championship.

The ICC shifter class started out well with Jordy Vorrath and David Jurca qualifying on the front row of this national race, where they would be competing against drivers such as Elliot, Jaskol, Ingham, and Mandarino. ICC would not have a prefinal, but rather a 25 lap final only. On the start of the final, Jurca dropped back to fourth. On the second lap, Elliot put his kart off the track and through a pile of gravel, sending rocks into Jurca's direction. One of the rocks would puncture Jurca's radiator, draining the water out of his engine. Driving with an overheating engine, Jurca was suffereing from a lack of power. Nonetheless, he fought his way back up to second position, but it wasn't meant to be. On lap 22 of 25, his engine decided to give and Jurca would not finish the race.

Now to the good news. In the ICA class, David Jurca would qualify second, and finish second in the prefinal and final to win the 2002 Westwood Karting ICA championship. Jurca commented after the race: "It was difficult not to have finished in the ICC shifter race, but I am happy to have won the ICA championship and now I look forward to the Las Vegas Supernationals, as well as the CART Stars of Tomorrow Grandnationals in November." Jurca also wanted to thank his sponsors Best Ceramic, European Tile Inc., Italian Motors, ITALKART, Kuzzins Kustoms, Bell Helmets, MyChron, Serengeti Design, and Jim Mason.