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David Jurca Makes Appearances in the Media

Federal Way Mirror Fox Sports Radio King County Journal Shifter Kart Illustrated

Over the past three months, David Jurca has made numerous appearances in different media outlets. The first one being in the King County Journal. Jurca was featured in the front section of the newspaper with an article as well as a large photograph. The article is called "Federal Way Student on Fast Track." To read this article, click here.

In late January, Jurca had an interview with Tony Benton from Clear Channel Radio for a show called "Get in the Game with Tony B." This interview actually interupted Superbowl Sunday coverage for a half hour on Fox Sports Radio 850 between 8:00 - 8:30 p.m.

During the month of February, David had an interview with Tim Blaney of Shifter Kart Illustrated. This interview, plus a handful of photographs were put into the March issue of Shifter Kart Illustrated for a four page profile on Jurca. The article is called "Road Scholar" and is available by going to and ordering the March 2003 issue.

Just recently, Jurca appeared in his hometown newspaper the Federal Way Mirror. There he was featured on the front page with a picture and instructions to go to the sports section for more. The article is called "Life in the Fast Lane" and to read it click here.

At the moment, Jurca is dealing with a possible T.V. appearance in the local media. If talks go through, the date and time of the appearance will be posted on this website for fans to see.