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Second place at "Shootout in the Desert." Free test in Fran-Am racecar
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David Jurca arrived in Phoenix Arizona October 25th, with the "Shootout in the Desert" happening the weekend of the 26th and the 27th at Firebird raceway in Phoenix. The final round of the Fran-Am series was being held in conjunction with the "Shootout in the Desert." The shootout consisted of mainly interviews and observations of drivers and how well they communicated with other teams as well as how well they represented themselves. There were a few laps in karts, but not enough to get an appropriate evaluation on each driver's performance. Out of the 12 drivers at the shootout, Jurca would be the runner-up. Having been so close to winning a free Fran-Am racecar and 17 sets of tires valued at $52,000.00, David had this to say: "It was one of the toughest weekends I have ever had to do. Each and every driver deserved to win something this weekend, but in the end only one would get the top prize. There was a lot of pressure involved seeing as $52,000.00 worth of racing was riding on how well you answered questions in interviews and how well you represented yourself. In the end, I would finish second. I feel one of the main reasons to finishing second was I was unprepared with marketing material such as bio sheets, business cards, etc. It was a good learning experience and I know what I have to do to prepare for my next shootout in Florida for Skip Barber."

Although the “Shootout in the Desert” was originally intended to be a winner-take-all competition, Fran-Am also awarded runner-up prizes of Fran-Am 1600 test drive opportunities to 17 year-old David Jurca and 19 year-old Nick Bussell of the United States.