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11/20/2002 - Phoenix, Arizona – This weekend, under the blazing desert sun, a dozen brave young warriors will gather to face each other in what promises to be the most important fight of their lives. To the victor goes a reward that could unlock the gates to a future they might not have otherwise discovered; to the defeated, it represents an enriching opportunity.

Regardless of the outcome, “Shootout in the Desert”, presented by Fran-Am Sport, MICHELIN International and XAP, is bringing together some of the most talented karters in North America to do battle.

On Saturday, November 23, 2002, in front of a most respected panel of motor racing experts, six Canadian and six American karting stars will have the chance to prove that they have “what it takes” to eventually become the motor racing Champion of the World.

As part of their much-heralded North American Driver Development Program, Fran-Am Sport, MICHELIN International and XAP are presenting a brand new Fran-Am 1600 racing car with XAP Data acquisition and 17 sets of Michelin tires including 2 sets of rain tires, totalling a prize value of US$52,000.00, to the winner of their “Shootout in the Desert” competition.

With the special award, the winner will have the major portion of his next year’s racing budget taken care of as well as having proven that he is a true ‘Star in the Making’. In the further pursuit of his or her racing career, the winner will use the award to contest one of the Fran-Am 1600 regional championships throughout North America and Canada.

However, the winner will have to be more than just talented. The judging criterion of the contest clearly shows that it takes so much more than just being fast. Reaching the top in motorsport, like any other sport, takes more than just natural ability. Factors such as commitment, dedication, physical and mental fitness, attitude, sportsmanship and so much determine the making of a champion.

All of these factors are being carefully considered at “Shootout in the Desert” and the fight to win should be fierce since each participant has already proven their worthiness.

The United States is well represented by Garrett Zine, 15, Tad Funakoshi III, 15, Phil Carlson, 20, Ron White, 22, Nick Bussell, 19 and David Jurca, 17. Canada counters with their own list of young stars including; Matt Champagne, 18, Andrew Ranger, 16, Jonathon Fecteau, 17, Jimmy Pelk Jr., 16, Brett Blankers, 15 and Alex Penfold, 17.

Without a doubt, the judges have a tough task ahead of them. With a battle like this taking place, the famous “Gunfight in the OK Corral” may simply pale in comparison. One of the most important steps in a young driver’s career is at stake and the dozen combatants know it. Fran-Am warns everyone in the Desert to “Take Cover!”