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IKF Region Six Gold Cup: Chilliwack, British Columbia

On June 28-30, David Jurca took part in the IKF Region Six Gold Cup race in Chilliwack, British Columbia. For the race weekend, he would participate in ICA and ICC. This would be Jurca's second Gold Cup race of the season, therefore he was not in any points race for the championship. It was a pretty large race, though, with the likes of Vorrath, Mandarino, Ingham, Anfinson and Thompson. David felt it would be good practice to run in his ICA and ICC classes.

For ICA, David, along with top drivers Vorrath, Mandarino, and Anfinson, decided not to qualify but rather take the challenge of coming from the back of the pack. In the prefinal, Mandarino outbraked himself and slid into Jurca, taking both drivers out. Vorrath ended up winning. In the final, Jurca came from last place to win the event. Unfortunately, there was a leak in his gas tank and he came in half a pound under weight.

In the ICC shifter class, Jurca qualified on pole and won the prefinal. In the final, a bad carburator alowed the engine to cut out occasionaly. This allowed Ingham to come by for the win with Jurca finishing second. It was not the weekend Jurca had hoped for, but he was there to get some extra practice, so it didn't effect anything champioship wise. David again would like to thank his sponsors Best Ceramic, European Tile Inc., Italian Motors, ITALKART, Kuzzins Kustoms, Bell Helmets, MyChron, Serengeti Design, and Jim Mason.