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Jurca Becomes First Speed Secrets Scholarship Winner

May 6, 2004, Buttonwillow, CA – Speed Secrets, Inc. today announced that David Jurca has been chosen as the recipient of their annual Speed Secrets Driver Development Scholarship.

David was chosen along with Steve Welk of Greenfield, Wisconsin and Chris Wehrheim of Norcross, Georgia to compete in the final stage of the competition; a one day test in Buttonwillow, California in Speed Secrets’ Formula TR (Fran-Am) 1600 cars, where they were coached and evaluated both on and off the track.

The three finalists were chosen from over 100 applicants by a selection committee consisting of Rob Howden of Howden Communications, Tim Blaney editor of ShifterKart Illustrated, Jeff Braun of Tracc5 Racing, Jeremy Shaw, motorsports broadcaster and journalist and Ross Bentley, Head Coach of Speed Secrets.

In the end, David came out ahead.

“To say choosing a winner was tough, is an understatement. David, Steve and Chris really gave it their all out there”, said Bentley. “We were very impressed with all of the drivers but in the end, David was the driver that we felt we could make the biggest impact on with his driving career in terms of working with him to fully realize his potential and help get him to the next level.”

David Jurca will receive a full Career Plan (a 5-year “business plan” or “road map” to help the driver achieve his goals), a Driver Development Plan (technique/skills coaching), and Personal Coaching for the season which represents over $20,000 worth of support.

“I am very excited to have been chosen for the Speed Secrets Scholarship”, said Jurca. “I was impressed to see how in depth the coaching went throughout the day. The coaches at Speed Secrets went into great detail to help each driver fully understand the techniques that are needed to improve. I'm confident, that with the help of Speed Secrets, I will be able to improve on my performance throughout the 2004 season.”

Although they weren’t awarded the scholarship, both Steve Welk and Chris Wehrheim showed great skills and character throughout the evaluation process.

“ Our goal with the one day test was to not only determine a winner for the scholarship but also to provide these three drivers with some tools and skills which they could take with them regardless of the outcome,” said Bentley. As a result, both Welk and Wehrheim came away with an appreciation of the Speed Secrets approach to coaching.

“I really enjoyed myself in the cars and will be able to take away a lot of knowledge from today’s run off. The coaching at Speed Secrets is top-notch,” said Welk. “I learned a lot at the test and although I didn’t’ win I look forward to working with the Speed Secrets team in the future,” added Wehrheim.

“Our goal is to discover and develop young drivers; help them to live up to their potential, to make a career driving race cars; and develop them into the champions they want to be,” said Bentley. “Last year we were able to have a significant impact on the careers of Colin Braun and Benny Moon. Colin went on to win the 2003 Fran-Am 1600 Championship and Benny is the current points leader in the Skip Barber Formula Dodge Championship. We would like to have a similar impact on David’s career.”

Speed Secrets is committed to providing the very best driver development to young racers who wish to make a career in the sport. It's services include the unique Speed Secrets Driver Development Camps, Inner Speed Secrets Seminars, Personal Coaching Services, Career Development Plans, and the line of Speed Secrets books. More information can be found at