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No Luck in Reno

June 6th, 2005:

Intercontinental A (ICA)

The ICA class featured the same results as yesterday’s practice as the Italian Motors train led the way in qualifying with Tyler Dueck (Italkart) besting IM teammates David Jurca (Italkart) and Cole Whitt (Italkart) for the top spot.

At the start of the Prefinal, Joel Miller (Tony Kart) worked his way around Whitt to somewhat break up the IM train at the start. SKI’s #1 ranked ICA driver Helmut Sanden (Mach 1) got wide in the Pavilion area at the start and dropped to the tail of field. Miller slowly began to catch the IM duo up front after they jumped out to a quick lead. As the race got closer to its conclusion, Jurca was clearly being held up by Dueck although Jurca had to be careful as the worst thing an Italian Motors driver can do is take out his own teammate. With about four to go, Jurca was able to work around Dueck and set a new pace. Miller was closing the gap and made a last-ditched attempt to get around Dueck but got very squirrelly in the Pavilion and tucked back in to settle for third. Jurca held everyone off for the Prefinal win with Dueck, Miller, Glover, and Whitt rounding out the top five.

At the start of the main, the group got bunched up in the first turn after the green flag dropped. In the mix, Dueck got shuffled to the back of the pack while Whitt got turned sideways and was unable to continue. Sanden continued to have as he dropped out on the second lap with a braking problem.

During the racing action, Miller was able to move around Jurca in the first couple of laps. The duo slowly put a gap on the field as Phil Giebler (Intrepid) moved up from his 11th starting spot into the third position by lap six and quickly caught the front two. Giebler’s car was on rails and he was pushing hard. Jurca worked around Miller on lap eight with Giebler unable to follow into second. At the halfway point, Giebler had moved past Miller and began to close in on Jurca who began to slow after losing all of the water in his radiator. Giebler then advanced into the top spot in turn seven, the corner that featured most of his passes as he moved up through the field. Miller followed him through, pushing Jurca back to the third spot.

On lap 19, Jurca finally retired. Miller lost the bottom end of his engine, heading to the pit with just a few laps remaining. As Giebler cruised to the victory, Glover and Dueck raced for the runner-up spot with Glover making the move on the last corner for the second spot to surprise the runner-up driver, dropping him to third.


Yesterday’s runner-up finisher Kevin Glover (CRG) jumped out to the provisional ICA pole early in the qualifying session as most of the top drivers waited a few minutes for open track. The Italian Motors trio of David Jurca, Cole White and Tyler Dueck again jumped out of the box and quickly moved up to the top three starting spots on the first running laps. Jurca again was the quickest out until Intrepid pilot and yesterday’s winner Phil Giebler slowly worked out quicker laps and stole the pole from Jurca by just 0.047 seconds. IM filled the second row with Dueck and Whitt.

Giebler led the first couple of laps of the Prefinal until Jurca was able to move past him on lap three. Kevin Glover (CRG) tried to move around Dueck but both ran wide, making room for both Helmet Sanden (Mach 1) and Joel Miller (Tony Kart) to move up to the fourth and fifth positions. Giebler then made a strong pass into the last corner to retake the lead from Jurca. The top seven ran nose-to-tail for most of the race, waiting for the kart in front of them to make a mistake. Glover would move back around Miller in turn seven and then Glover made a move around Sanden in the Stadium, bringing the rest of the lead pack with him, demoting Sanden to the seventh. Giebler would eventually cruise to the Prefinal victory with Jurca in tow. Whitt would hold the third spot all race long with Glover and Miller rounding out the top five. Miller would then be thrown to the back of the start of the Final for an infraction in post-race inspection as his Tony Kart was found to be just a little too wide.

Jurca got the jump on Giebler at the start of the Final as a group of four left the rest of the pack as Glover moved up to third around Whitt. Miller had moved up to seventh by lap four behind Sanden, putting pressure on the German until he worked by Sanden in the Stadium hairpin on the very next lap. Jurca was able to pull out a lead as Glover mixed things up trying to work around Giebler, opening the door for Whitt to move around Glover as well. Jurca’s lead was shrinking little by little however as Giebler was able to get away from Whitt and Glover. At the halfway point, Jurca found Giebler on his rear bumper with Whitt and Glover closing in on both of them. Whitt then moved around Giebler into turn seven before Glover forced his way by Giebler himself, putting Giebler back to fourth. On lap 14, Jurca’s bad luck would continue as his motor seized heading into the last corner, pulling him from the lead and handing the point to Whitt as Giebler and Glover continued to battle. After the race, Jurca told SKI Editor Tim Blaney that a clogged fuel filter had leaned the motor. Despite richening the carb through the race, it was too little, too late and a very difficult weekend came to an end for IM's iron man.

Rookie Whitt was well out front at this point but Giebler and Glover continued to contest the second spot. Giebler made several passes of the ‘World’s Fastest Milkman’, but each time, Glover was able to fight back and pass his more experienced foe. Finally, Giebler shoved his way past in turn six and was able to fight off Glover’s counter-attack in turn 10, and solidify his hold on second.

The scrap for second allowed Whitt to build a huge lead and also gave Joel Miller the opportunity to get in the fight. Miller tried to move past the very wide CRG of Glover, but was unable to find the room and he was forced to settle for fourth. Scoring his first win as a pro and giving Italian Motors their first win of the season was rookie Cole Whitt. Giebler was second and Glover third. Miller’s Tony Kart teammate Jess Peterson was fifth.

Saturday and Sunday

David Jurca was the early pace setter in ICC and would end Fridays practice second in the 30-kart field. In qualifying, Jurca qualified fifth, only a tenth off the pole and was poised to move up in the pre-final. Unfortunately, Jurca was taken out in a first corner incident, which sidelined the Italian Motors driver.

On Sunday, Jurca would qualify tenth and work his way up to the sixth in the pre-final. In the final, Jurca’s air box came off on the warm up laps and he was forced to come in to the pits before the start of the race. Jurca was unable to get back in to position at the start of the race but battled his way back up to the fifth position. In tech, Jurca was disqualified because his air box had a large worn hole from dragging on the ground in the opening laps. It was a frustrating end to Jurca’s weekend but he is focused on turning his luck around at the Stars event.