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CART Stars of Tomorrow National Race: Primm, Nevada

After proving to be able to run competitively a week earlier at Sonoma, California, David Jurca was ready for the challenge ahead of him at the Stars of Tomorrow national event in Primm, Nevada.

There were only a few practice sessions for this event so it was crucial to find a setup early on. David was able to find a setup and put in some very competitive lap times. Before qualifying on Saturday afternoon, there were two practice sessions in the morning. In the first practice session, David noticed there was a problem with the engine and was forced to switch for the last practice session of the day. Things worked well and he was confident for qualifying.

In qualifying, David was held up for the first few laps when his tires were new and so he came into the pits. He made some changes and went back out to qualify 8th in the 37 kart field. He suffered from a push in qualifying but new exactly what to do to cure it. During Sunday morning practice before the final event, David perfected his kart setup and was able to run even faster than his qualifying time with old tires. He decided not to make any changes to his kart and was ready to challenge in the final race.

On the start, David got to 6th position and within a few laps passed for 5th position. While coming down the straightaway into the braking zone, David’s kart veered right as soon as he hit the brakes. So much so that the force of his steering wheel turning right actually bent one of his tie rods. He rejoined the race in 10th position and continued on for another 5 laps. During those 5 laps, his steering became worse and worse until he came up to a right hand corner and it just went straight. He was able to slowly turn the kart around the corner and park it on the side of the track with a bent tie rod. It was a huge disappointment. Following the event, David said, “My kart was handling absolutely perfect. I was already up to 5th in just a few laps and was ready to make my move into 4th and 3rd. My kart was definitely capable of a podium finish. It’s terribly disappointing and I was really looking forward to a strong finish at a national event. Hopefully my luck will turn around at the next national event at Canby, Oregon for round 3 of the ProMoto Tour.” As always, David would like to thank his sponsors Best Ceramic, European Tile Inc., Italian Motors, ITALKART, Kuzzins Kustoms, Bell Helmets, MyChron, Serengeti Design, and Jim Mason.