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Round One SKUSA ProMoto Tour: Phoenix, Arizona

On April 13th and 14th, David Jurca made his SuperPro debut in Phoenix, Arizona at Round One of the SKUSA ProMoto Tour. The young 16 year old was picked as one of the drivers to watch this season as Shifter Kart Illustrated said he is “both fast and capable of running up front.”

During end of the week practice on Friday, David was one of the fastest guys on the track along with his teammate Jordy Vorrath. The ITALKART/ TM combination was working very well and he was feeling upbeat for the weekend races. Although, when Saturday came along, David qualified in a respectable 6th place, not quite where he was hoping to be. For the prefinal and final races on Saturday, David was beginning to struggle with his setup, as were many other top drivers. The 140 degree track temperature was tearing up the asphalt and this resulted in very slick racing conditions. For the prefinal, David finished in 7th position. In the final, David had an uneventful race and finished in the 6th position. Under the circumstances, David was happy to salvage some points as all four of his tires were completely worn out.

On Sunday, David qualified in 13th position. He made some drastic changes for the prefinal and felt that the kart started moving in a positive direction. He was running in 12th spot after a couple of laps, but David decided to go into the pits after three laps rather than battle to the front and wear out his tires for the main event. For the main event, David started in the 16th position. On the start, his engine loaded up and he fell back to about 20th. Throughout the race, he moved up many positions and was catching the karts ahead of him but ran out of laps and finished in the 7th spot. His kart was beginning to make progress and his lap times were good enough to finish 3rd. After the race, David felt happy to have finished with some more points. He said, “After Sunday’s final, I started to feel better about my kart setup. The conditions were unlike any other I had experienced before and I was struggling throughout the weekend with chassis setup. On a positive note, I will probably be top five in points as only three drivers finished ahead of me on both days. I would like to say thanks to my sponsors: Best Ceramic, European Tile Inc., Italian Motors, ITALKART, Kuzzins Kustoms, Bell Helmets, MyChron, Serengeti Design, and Jim Mason. Hopefully, the next ProMoto race at Sonoma, CA will be even better.” also had some comments to say: “Jurca, in his SuperPro debut, logged respectable finishes of sixth and seventh, a good haul of points, yet the young driver will likely show more strongly at future events.” Stay tuned for David’s next race in one week at Cultus Lake, British Columbia for round one of the Westwood Karting Series.