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Leaving Italian Motors: In Jurca's Own Words

December 15th, 2005:

Leaving Italian Motors has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. After nine successful seasons, I have built up relationships deeper than most drivers have ever dreamed of. To most people, my decision may look obvious in relation to the opportunity I have been offered, but to those few who really knew the loyalty and friendship involved, they probably have some sort of idea.

There are some key individuals who I must take the time to thank:

Claudio and Bev Valiante have been like second parents to me. I have spent countless summers, holidays, and weekends living in their care since 2000 and I want to thank them for all the opportunities they have presented me with.

Not only has Michael Valiante been a truly genuine friend, but he has also been a mentor to me and I have looked up to him since my first year of karting. I credit much of my success as a driver to his coaching ability.

I have never worked as well with anyone as I have with Dave Carpentier. I guess it’s not hard to work with him when you see how dedicated he is to what he does. It was no surprise to me that he became a Tuner of the Year along the way. He has been both a great friend, and an outstanding mechanic.

As a newbie to the team, Todd Bowman fit right in. Todd was a pleasure to work with and really helped step up our program. I would like to thank him for the added success he helped me achieve.

I would also like to thank the Ritters, the Hoggs, the Ruscittis, the Duecks, the Jenns, James Cox, John Knowles, both Thompson families, the Duersons, the Whitts, the Camerons, Milani, Claudia Valiante, Michael Luongo, Grazia Cortese, and anyone else I missed that has helped contribute to the team.

I wish everyone the best of luck in 2006.

David Jurca