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Jurca Wins Big in Austin, Texas Stars of Karting Final


October 16th, 2005:

Leading off the start, polesitter Ron White (TopKart) paced his former employee Tad Funakoshi (Intrepid) in second. David Jurca put his Italkart into third early while Speed slid into fourth. From the back of the pack after starting 39th thanks to his Prefinal DNF, Eastern Division champion Kyle Wiegand (GP) struck fast, moving from the tail of the field to 25th by the end of the first lap. Wiegand saw his title hope evaporate in the barriers in yesterday’s Prefinal but he was focused on making a positive out of the weekend with a solid Championship Sunday performance. With a stacked field, it was unlikely that he would be able to come forward enough the challenge Speed but he still wanted to make his mark.

White was out to a comfortable lead having set-up his SwedeTech Pavesi-powered TopKart to come in early. But as the other drivers’ set-ups came in, White was reeled in by the pack. Funakoshi saw his chance and dove under his old boss in turn two, leading briefly until White stayed inside heading to turn three to retake the lead. Coming out of the corner, Funakoshi tried to move his Leading Edge Intrepid below White on exit but wheel-to-wheel contact slowed up both allowing both Speed and Jurca to get by into first and second.

Speed was in the lead at this time but Jurca was hanging close and gaining fast. The Italian Motors team leader stayed with Speed and finally made his move to take the lead, attacking decisively. Once out front, Jurca held off the reigning champ before Funakoshi came through to take over second. Across the line, the normally stoic Jurca had both hands in the air celebrating the big win. Funakoshi was second and Speed third. Rounding out the top five were Wesley Boswell (Birel) and J3 Competition’s Josh Schreiber (Kosmic). With his third place finish, Speed again took the National Championship.